365 Horror Movie Project Details



I am on a mission to watch a different horror film each day of the year and post a review on this site. It’s like that movie Julie and Julia except replace French cooking with horror movies. Will I make it? I have no clue. ?One thing is for sure,?I will be highlighting some of the best and most assuredly some of the worst films from the genre.

Daily reviews are?found here.

A little taste:

The Final Destination 3D

The plot is essentially non-existent, but that’s okay because the acting is too.

My Bloody Valentine 3D

Skip this and watch the original, unless you like slicked up new school horror with pretty people destined to star in Mentos commercials.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

There is just something about a villain who likes to play games and has a lot of time on his hands that I find irresistible.