Evidence (2011)

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All found footage horror flicks are the same, right? Well, that statement is mostly true, but Evidence does its best to place itself on the high end of the bonkers scale within the?cinéma-vérité world. The thing is, you have to get past the first 35 minutes or so before the film differs even an inch from the norms. But in an era where found footage horror flicks are as popular as singing and dancing reality shows, going batsh*t isn’t a bad idea. In fact, this is one of the few found footage flicks where something actually happens. Just force yourself through the first bit, you’ll thank me later.

The plot, get this, is about a bunch of early twenty-somethings heading to the woods for a weekend. And get this, the guy who decides to film the excursion, in the name of a documentary, is a detestable doucher on par with the worst of the camera operators in the genre. I mean really, this guy is something else. He is so unlikeable that it’s impossible not to root for him to die a death most gruesome and awful. Like the kind of death that after he is dead, someone pees on him and then skull f*cks him into oblivion (maybe not in that order). And true to form, everyone in the movie has an affinity for telling him to stop filming, ask him why he is still filming and get?flat out confrontational about the filming. A perfect example of an awful staple in these movies.

Let’s just make a decision early on in these films, that all parties agree put their Hancock on, that the camera must stay on. That way 40% of the dialogue going forward doesn’t have to be spent arguing about whether the camera should be on or not. Think of the possibilities. Maybe we could explore character development and turn out some likable folks once in a while. Just a thought.

This is a backpack.

The other characters, however, do come off as normal humans. And while there is nothing special about any of them individually, they play pretty well off each other. Not enough to care whether they lived or died, but enough that I didn’t intentionally root for them to be murdered. And let’s be honest, in many horror flicks, praying for character deaths is the only bright spot.

Once the initial setup is over the film gets interesting. By interesting, it gets very jagged and very loose with the action. Things go from normal to “OMGWTFBBQ” in a hurry. It’s a constant barrage of seemingly out of nowhere massive craziness. While the execution is a little clunky it’s very possible that your brain won’t care. Mine didn’t. While part of me was wondering how they ended up running up a staircase, through a few more rooms and then magically back up the same stairs works (maybe it’s the same dynamics as the Full House stairs), the other part of me said that I should, “Shut the balls up and try to figure out what in Christ is going on.”

And that’s the best part. At no point in the last half hour or so is there a single moment to collect your thoughts and breathe a sigh of relief. Evidence ends on a straight up, balls-to-the-wall, tits-to-the-glass horrifying finale that extends all the way through the end credits. If you’re a sucker for found footage you’ll want to check this one out.


Rating: 7/10

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 2011

Source: UK DVD


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