Top 10 Horror Films of 2011 (Midyear Report)

****Here’s my finalized Top 20 Horror Films of 2011****

I’ve been saying for a while that horror is back. Torture porn is on its way out. Thank Zeus. Cheeseball stuff is a thing of the past. Replaced by real old school horror. Ya know, films with substance. Films with characters that have more depth than “the hot slut whose titties will be loosed while screwing the douchebag jock.” It’s a good sign for lovers of the genre. Horror can be amazing in the right hands. ?Kubrick, Scott, Polanski anyone? And it can also be a lot of fun if done right. 2011 has a nice bit of both.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen everything that has come out and some of these films were released at the end of 2010 in other countries. But for the most part, these are films that you can see *legally* for the first time this year in the States.


10. Seconds Apart

Seconds Apart (After Dark Originals)

F*ckin’ twins, dude. Killer telepathic twins. The only one of the “8 Films to Die For” worth watching.

9. Snowtown

Snowtown (2011) ( I poli tou hioniou ) ( Snow town ) [ Blu-Ray, Reg.A/B/C Import – Australia ]

Bodies in barrels. Based on a horrific true story, something Australia seems to have a lot of, about a series of murders over the course of several years. This one will scare the piss out of those who like their horror founded in real life.

8. Rubber

Rubber [Blu-ray]

If it wasn’t for the arty pretentious 4th wall breaking every few minutes this one would be in my top 3. Even with that, any movie about a tire exploding human heads for sh*ts and giggles deserves a watch.

7. Hobo With a Shotgun

Hobo with a Shotgun (Collector’s Edition + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

Funny how a fake trailer from the “Grindhouse” hubub of a few years ago ended up being the best grindhouse movie of them all. It’s everything “Machete”, “Grindhouse”, and every other ’70-esque film ever wanted to be. Rutger Hauer for King of Earth!

6. Monsters

Monsters Special Edition + Digital Copy [Blu-ray]

Ahh…a sweet little love story complete with Lovecraftian monsters and heavy handed immigration politics. Super low-budge guerilla filmmaking at it’s best. When you watch it (again) notice how many damn helicopters are flying around. Can you say copy and paste the heli special effect? An impressive effort, especially considering the director did EVERYTHING himself.

5. Trollhunter

Trollhunter [Blu-ray]

Some Government jobs are better than others. A lot better. Easily the most fun I have had at a screening this year. It’s “Cloverfield” but without all the suck.

4. Stake Land

Stake Land [Blu-ray]

Big statement alert. Mister is the new Ash. There. I said it. Mister is half “Zombieland” Woody Harrelson, half “Evil Dead” Bruce Campbell, vampire teeth trading sonabitch badass extraordinaire. Outside of the infamous scene in my #1 flick, “Stake Land” has the best moment on screen this year. Helicopters + Vampires + Christian Crazies = Awesomesauce to the max.

3. Insidious

Insidious [Blu-ray]

When I saw this film I was certain it would be #1 on any top ten lists I made for 2011. The 20 year-old punk kid next to me almost crapped himself on numerous occasions, leading to him?apologizing?after the movie was over for being such a lilly. There are a few scenes so tense I was white-knuckling my chair as well. Only complaint: The Lipstick Face Demom looks too much like Darth Maul meets Freddy K. for my tastes.

2. ?Wake Wood

Wake Wood [Blu-ray]

Hammer Horror is back. Again. After picking up the brilliant “Let the Right One In” Hammer became instantly relavant (again). Now they have yet another winner on their hands. It’s the British “Pet Sematary” but told at a “Rosemary’s Baby” pace. Fantastic slow burner featuring an ending that made me say, “Jeeeeeeesh!” And I don’t ever say stupid things like that.

1. I Saw The Devil

I Saw the Devil [Blu-ray]

Not just the best genre film of the year so far, but the best film period. The mucho hyped “cab stab” scene is worth every grandiose hyperbolic statement it garners. Wow. Left me breathless.



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  • Micah

    Alright after watching both “Wake Wood” and “Insidous” again I would change this list to have “Insidious” as #2.?

  • Pseudo 6-Man

    I hadn’t heard of Stakeland but from that?description?it’s going on the Netflix queue.

  • Fuckyou

    either i have balls of steel or insidious was not remotely scary.?

  • Micah

    You’re the toughest person alive.

  • Micah

    Congrats. You’re the toughest person alive.

  • London Escorts

    Another vote here for I Saw The Devil

    Don’t miss The Yellow Sea (Hwanghae) either…

  • Grunge16

    haven’t seen Wake Wood and I Saw The Devil yet. But Insidious has that asian eerie scary kinda set to it which rarely got into mainstream film these days. Two thumbs up for James Wan. Reminds me of old Indonesian scary movies.

    Cant wait for Wake Wood.

    Nice list . Cheers.

  • andie

    IT WAS! no, it didnt have blood, but it was really scary:|

  • Snob

    Wake wood is Irish, not british, just a little fact, insidious was crap

  • Ana

    I also didn’t think Insidious was that scary and I get scared easily… I was actually disappointed because everyone had told me it was really scary.

  • Balls

    Insidious was awful. Not scary.

  • Lilnessa

    I didn’t think Insidious was scary at all..
    To be honest i did find it stupid.. xD nothing scary about it. just some fantasy movies that they played in bunch of other movies too, at least try to pick a different theme, or come up with something that nobody else came up with.. Scary movies are getting old, everything is almost the same..

  • AugustS

    I agree with this list. I saw the devil would be the first in my list also. BUT WHERE IS LET ME IN? it’s quite good.

  • Gerson Poli?o

    INSIDIOUS is still number 1 for me :))

  • Gerson Poli?o

    because of that, insid. had become the most popular horror movie here in asia.. (fact :]] )

  • SilverBark

    Im pretty sure that you have balls of steel

  • Judalation

    Im sorry, But this has to be the WORST list I have seen on horror movies! Rubber, Monsters, Wake wood. are all stories that are so outlandish and NOT scary that they should not have been put on any list. They are more sci fi than scary and thats an insult to sci fi. They are artsy hippie fims that SUCK! The movies that are actually INTERTAINING on that list are Hobo with a shot gun, Insidious, stake land, and although long… hobo with a shotgun. Try cabin in the woods, The women, REC, Troll Hunter, Trucker and dale vs evil. Rambock, the dead, Grave encounter, Kill list, Undocumented, and thats just off the top of my head. You cant judge top movies if you havent seen any.?

  • Judalation

    although long… I SAW THE DEVIL…

  • Micah

    You’d have to learn how to read the title of the article and understand movie release dates in order to not make yourself look like a douchey troll.