Braindead (Dead Alive)

One of the milder scenes of violence...

The goriest movie of all time also happens to be one of the most inventive and hilarious splatter comedies of all time. And that is most certainly a good thing. Peter Jackson’s period piece of epic epicness has no equal. It’s the movie that gore hounds all over just like sauce on ribs. Sure, some movies may claim more total volume of blood, but nothing even comes close in the sheer number of ways zombies, humans, and rats are beaten, chopped, killed, electrocuted, skinned, mowed down, puked on,?disemboweled, clawed, chest cavities removed, decapitated, torsos torn off, hands torn off, blended, punched through the face, raked to the head, vice gripped, pruned, ripped in half, faces split in two, gutted, tranquilized, melted, hung, nose picked, bitten, ironed, gnomed, ears eaten, arms?gnawed?off, heads curbed, heads used as steps, de-necked, stabbed, teeth removal with pliers, hung, flushed, pruned, and “asses are kicked for the Lord.” When the movie was released in 1992?Braindead won a Noble Peace Prize and a Grammy for excessive gore. True story. Probably.

Essentially, this film is Evil Dead 2 times a million, plus a Kiwi director and a zombie killing Kung Fu priest and a zombie baby and the most famous lawnmower in film history. It’s got a lot more “ands” but I’ll stop there. There hasn’t been a word invented yet that can?accurately?sum up how far over the top this film becomes as it progresses and it’s doubtful one ever will. There is simply too much awesomeness to be encapsulated by something as trite as human language. This is a film that lives and speaks on another plane of reality. A reality where five gallons of blood spewing per second is the norm.

Braindead is the number one splatter comedy of all-time.


Rating: 10/10

Snore Factor: Z

IMDB 1992



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