The Gore Gore Girls

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Herschell Gordon Lewis needs at least one film from his canon represented on this blog. Not that he cares, but as a self-respecting horror fan I feel obligated. The guy is responsible for some of the more goretastic films in American cinema. He is the king of sleaze and guts – The Godfather of American Gore. His Blood Feast film is often considered the original gore flick of which he followed up with Two Thousand Maniacs! After that, drive-in movie history was made. Lewis’ status was cemented. The Gore Gore Girls is an interesting film because it happens to mark his initial retirement from directing (which lasted 30 years).

Strippers are being murdered in most inhumane fashions: heads are repeatedly smashed-in, faces are ironed, butts are beaten into a pulp. And in one case a woman’s nipples are sliced open causing white milk and chocolate milk to spray out the mammary glands only to be captured in small champagne glasses. Think one girl, two cups. This movie is sick. No doubt.

A wise cracking Sherlock Holmes character teams up with a hottie reporter to solve the case of the dead strippers. They chase down clues, visit the crime scenes (almost always before the cops), and generally poke fun of the cops and the crimes. Abraham Gentry (the Sherlock guy) always has a smart (and completely inappropriate) line of dialogue to deliver. Example: After finding a woman whose face was repeatedly bashed in, he calls the cops and says, “I have a friend who got into a bit of trouble and seems to have lost her face.” His inappropriate comments are only matched by his outrageous sexism.

This scene ends poorly for her...

I mentioned the film is really graphic, but this is the kind gore that we have become used to. What makes it stand out is the sheer level and brutality of it all. Watching a face being bashed in, the head removed, and then fondled and cracked apart is not easy to watch. Even for me. Also, the violence against women in this pic bothers me more than most. Probably because no men die and a good portion of the film is spent degrading women. It’s a sleaze fest and these things are to be expected. I mean it is called The Gore Gore Girls after all.

The finale of the film involves Mr. Gentry tricking his reporter friend (he gives her drinks spiked with 4 tequila shots) into performing in an amateur strip contest. This way he can catch the killer red-handed. Upon catching the crook (this is never in doubt) a most horrible fate is achieved.

This film lampoons itself a lot more than Lewis’ other films, so if you are new to him I would recommend The Wizard of Gore as a starting point. And be prepared for what you are going to see. You probably won’t like some it – which is exactly the way it was meant to be.

Rating: 3/10

Snore Factor: ZZZZ

IMDB 1972


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    I personally don’t see ass bludgeoning ever going out of style but this the only film I’ve ever seen that featured one and it was made wa-a-a-ay back in the reign of Tricky Dick in ’72.

    Although H.G. Lewis movies are bad (I’ll admit it) they have influenced everyone from Wes Craven to Rob Zombie. Like a really awful joke that makes you laugh every time you hear it. A joke about stripper ass bludgeoning…

    Nice site btw!