The Return of Count Yorga

Yeah, those teeth look real.

Sequel time!?Something I don’t do a whole lot of. There are just too many films to watch. And I am down to just over 35 films left, but I really enjoyed the campy Robert Quarry running down a hallway with his arms open attacking people in the?original?film. Also, I am lazy and Netflix Instant recommended this film.

Quarry is back as Count Yorga, resurrected for no apparent reason. Well, there is some nonsense about the Santa Anna winds, “They’re world famous” quips Yorga early on. And everyone in the film seems overly concerned with talking about the wind so it must be the winds that resurrected him. That makes this the best horror film ever involving the wind doing something. Keeping in mind The Happening is the competition the only competition. Anyway, Yorga pops out of his grave, summons his vampire zombie brides, acquires a mansion, hypnotizes a kid, attends a costume contest, and drains the blood of a chick – all in the first 10 mins. The guy is on a schedule.

Earlier I said this was like a sequel. I lied. It’s more like a remake or reimagining since the two films have no logical connection. Simply put, Yorga just needed to get his kill on again and this movie was made. And since the filmmakers had no interest in making things match up, Yorga has decided to move from L.A. to San Fran for this movie. I’m reminded of the band And They Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Dude is just honing his kill skills up highway 1.

After murdering a bunch of people that all worked for an orphanage, people, as they do, begin to suspect the new guy of being a vampire. It was the thing to do in the ‘70s. They did a lot of LSD in those days. Also, there were way more vampires living in mansions back then.

Quarry is as funny as ever with his random quick wit, at one point telling a kid playing Beethoven that he only likes the music, “when played well.” But my favorite part about Count Yorga is that, unlike almost every villain ever, he seems to have no real purpose. He isn’t exacting revenge or anything, he just likes to collect brides and mess with bumbling police and authority figures.

Yorga is a guy with a lot of time on his hands and likes to see how things play out. If you know me then you know this is my absolute favorite kind of villain. In this sense I can see exactly why Yorga was considered as an adversary to Dr. Phibes. Though, Phibes would destroy Yorga in a second – the amount of planning that guy does is beyond maddening.

Another fun flick, I can say that I am quite happy that this crazy project introduced me to the Count. Fans of classic vampires should undoubtedly get familiar with Quarry as Yorga.

Also, this film is staggeringly important as it features Craig T. Nelson’s (Poltergiest, Coach) first on screen appearance.

Rating: 6/10

Snore Factory: ZZZ

IMDB 1971


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