Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde

Every story needs updated (right?) and Hammer Studios was just the group to turn the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde formula upside down. Along the way they added in Jack the Ripper and the famous grave robbers Burke and Hare (their tale was recently made into a flick starring Simon Pegg and directed by John Landis). Anyway, Hammer took a lot of liberties and threw together a bunch of stories and came up with Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde. Is it any good? Well, as far as Hammer flicks are concerned, it’s actually quite enjoyable in a silly kinda way.

In London Dr. Jekyll is killing horrors because he is actually Jack the Ripper. He’s just doing it so he can create some potion that allows him to become a femme fatale. Why would he do this? That’s not super important, but there is some mumbo jumbo about the “elixir of life” and murdering whores for the betterment of mankind. Alright I’m in. Especially after Dr. Jekyll transforms into a woman for the first time. He does what every guy on the planet would do in the same situation. Starts to play with himself. This isn’t the old school classy Hammer. Nope. This was the ‘70s version which featured boobs, sex and smut. Three good things for sure.

The film never takes itself too seriously, which is a good for something with such a silly plot. The comedy is actually pretty well done, making me laugh on several occasions. The nosy family who live above Dr. Jekyll are quite hilarious in their attempts to find out what is going on with the crazed man living below them. I connected with the brother and would have been working my mojo just as he did. Also, the sister was easy on the eyes – how did Hammer get so many insanely hot babes in all their movies? It’s like there was/is a giant pool of random Brit hotties of all shapes and sizes just waiting to get naked and “star” in a movie. It’s one of the greatest assets a country can have in my opinion.

There is also plenty of hooker hate (for those who get off on that kinda thing) including a gruesome and gratuitous nude death scene. Making the rounds too are a blind guy and a drunken police chief who is hot on the trail of the good doctor. All in all this is a solid effort from Hammer.

Even with all the crazy elements thrown together this one works and manages to deliver plenty of goods – both of the female and of the movie enjoyment variety.

Rating: 6/10

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1971


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