Back in the day, upon discovering Bruce Campbell, I went on a mission to see each and every one of his films. This, of course, was way back in the olden days (around the year 2000). A time before Netflix, before video on demand, before – dare I say – torrents. Yes, way back then just about the only way to get movies was from Blockbuster Video or the Mom and Pop shops that Blockbuster was trying to put out of business. Finding Intruder then, needless to say, was harder than getting a Mormon girl to open her legs on prom night (believe me, I know, I grew up in Idaho). But thanks to Netflix Instant, millions of people can watch this late ‘80s slasher flick by expending about as much effort as it took to get that other Mormon girl who was in her rebellious phase to open her legs – almost none.

Director Scott Spiegel (Co-writer of Evil Dead 2) gathered up all his Evil Dead buddies for his first directorial effort and managed to create one of the last good slashers of the decade known for cocaine abuse, Paul Hogan, Nintendo, and the rise of the horror film. Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Ted Raimi all make brief appearances (Bruce’s being the shortest), with the brothers being fodder for a killer loose in a supermarket.

There really isn’t anything extra special about this film. The nostalgia of real late ‘80’s grocery store is nice (check out your favorite brand’s logos). The cameos are, of course, are a big highlight. Other than that, the film plays out just like a good old fashioned slasher. The way it should be (imo). It’s serious horror, meant to be taken seriously. The killer leaves body parts strewn about the grocery store. For some reason no one ever hears anyone else die, even though the store is small (this was before those damn Walmart Supercenters). Meat hooks are used ingeniously. A few red herrings make an appearance (as long as you don’t look at the poster or trailer which for some stupid reason give away the killer’s identity). The gore is top-notch gruesome stuff. Yes, all the makings and trappings of what makes ‘80s movies great are present.

So, whether you are just watching this to complete the Bruce Campbell canon or are in need of a good slasher, Intruder is the right choice. Soon after this film was made the genre went to sh*t with all the self-aware bull spit which essentially killed the old school stuff (though I do recognize it has a place in horror history). That is, until Adam Green, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, brought back American slashers to prominence with Hatchet.

Rating: 6.5/10

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1989


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  • Micky Pain

    I’m still waiting to watch this….
    I heard there’s a proper DVD release on the way in glorious wide-screen, so I’ll hold off on watching it until then (Fullscreen – bleh!).

    Although, I might get the Danish (I believe) version in the meantime – that has to be one of the best ever DVD covers of any genre….

  • Micah

    The Netflix Instant version isn’t doing the film any favors. You might have the right idea waiting for widescreen.