Top Ten Killer Car Movies

January 1, 2011 9:43 am 11 comments

After an exhausting ride through killer car land I bolted?together?a list of the best CARnage films in existence.

First honorable mentions: Joy Ride, Killdozer, and National Lampoon’s Vacation.

In no particular order:

  1. Maximum Overdrive – Stephen King. Emilio Estevez. Evil Semis. Enjoy.
  2. Trucks – A television remake of Maximum Overdrive. Why? Because God hates you.
  3. Christine – The heartwarming story of a blood thirsty car and a nerd.
  4. The Car – Mysterious black car kills annoying hippie, earns ten points.
  5. Dead End – Funny until you wet your pants with fear.
  6. The Cars that Ate Paris – Car parts as currency. Best way to get car parts is, of course, to make cars crash.
  7. The Wraith – Charlie sheen bones a hot girl, kills cheesy 80s car gang.
  8. Black Cadillac – Focuses on the dangers of driving in Wisconsin. No, seriously.
  9. Highwaymen – Equal parts Mad Max and stupid.
  10. Duel – Stephen Spielberg’s Jaws on wheels.
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  • Erizzle420

    these all sound like good ones, but there is one i have been seeking for years. i cannot remember the name, it involved someone driving a car around terrorizing people, the car was tricked out with retractable spikes in the hubcaps and other devices for wreaking havoc, a woman that was being pursued got away, hid out in a garage and tricked out a pickup truck with similar gadgets to hunt the car down and seek revenge. i have no idea who starred in it, what it was called, im pretty sure it was mid to late 80s or early 90s. if you know what movie im talking about help me out

  • Allison

    That sort of sounds like the movie “The Car” made in ’77.

  • allison

    could also be wheels of terror- 90. more than anything your description sounds like a james bond car.

  • SpookySean

    Personally… that sounds a bit like The Cars that ate Paris. I mean, retractable spikes? But while we’re playing “which movie is…” has anyone seen the one where there’s an RV and a guy is dead inside, it’s incredibly stupid.

  • Allison

    Youre talking about monster man. Biggest fucking waste of time.

  • Erizzle420

    i believe it was indeed wheels of terror, i recently found it and it seemed very very familiar, plus, i remember seeing it on the usa network and it turns out it aired on there originally. thanks to all for the help

  • Micah

    Score a point for Allison. Once again I am impressed with your knowledge. Glad you found your film, Erizzle.

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  • Viram1

    I remember this movie, too. I’ve been looking everywhere for a clue. I don’t think it’s any of the movies mentioned. If you find the title, post it here.

  • mastertae2000

    I know this article is old, but I remember a similar movie that Erizzle420 had mentioned, but I don’t think it was Wheels of Terror. It has a car as she says with spikes or a drill that comes out of the cars hub caps. A man who was with his son was in a tow truck and got attacked (The man had long hair) His son was killed in the attack. He than modifies his tow truck to have blades come out of his hubcaps as well as a quick release of his tow mechanism, and seeks revenge. He first accidentally attacks a car with a man and his pregnant wife, which causes the cops to believe that he’s the mysterious driver. Eventually he attacks the car in a pretty good car chase and they crash in a fiery explosion. He is carrying his son’s murderer in his arms as he’s surrounded by cops.