Vampire Journals

A week ago I watched a vampire film of mind-numbingly bad proportions. It was actually a compilation of three feature vampire films hacked to death and squeezed into one terrible abortion of an anthology. One of the films showed promise, so I decided to give it an uncut, unbastardized look tonight.

Vampire Journals is a talky film. It’s laced with inner-monologue and voice overs. The tone seems ripped right out of an Anne Rice book (Interview with a Vampire to be exact). Gothic, romantic, and bloody all describe this Full Moon produced feature. It’s essentially the story of two competing vampires and one beautiful girl. Except one of the vampires is actually a vampire slayer bent on killing the other.

Oh, love triangles. You are so good at making things interesting. Both good vamp and bad vamp fall for the same piano playing beauty. Bad vamp gets to her first and holds her hostage in his castle/gambling estate. Good vamp does not like this, and does his best to free her from the tyranny that is the bad vamp.

I mentioned this is a Full Moon feature, but it’s important to note that it is nothing like that vast majority of their films (which I love). Outside of a an opening sequence that features one bare breast and a cheesy mannequin getting its head chopped off by a sword garnered in plastic jewels, the film is decidedly high quality (comparatively). This is not a cheese fest. It is a serious romanticized vampire film that is well shot, cut, and written. In other words, this is one of the best Full Moon pics if you are judging on terms that don’t celebrate evil bongs running around killing teens. Read: It’s a real movie.

The visuals are great, specifically the vampire transitions into shadowy figures of the night. There is plenty of blood, boobs and gore as well; including a nice neck twisting scene which True Blood has recently updated for their own puroposes. Go HBO!

If you are looking for something in the vampire genre that is akin to Bram Stoker’s original archetypes, but is still modern enough not to bore, then Vampire Journals will do the trick. It has a little of everything: Eroticism, tragedy, redemption, and blood.

(Note: I reviewed on it’s own and didn’t chose not to include it as part of the Subspecies family)

Rating: 6.5/10

Snore Factor: ZZZ (It is a bit slow)

IMDB 1997


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