The Resurrected

Tonight’s review is going to be a little short. I am traveling across the country for work and lost a few hours headin’ east, but managed (of course) to catch a flick before taking off. Good thing because something awesome happened on the plane ride.

But before I get into the review, I must relate the story about my trip. Don’t worry. The story is rather amazing on the coincidence, divine intervention, etc – scale.

Back story: I moved to L.A. about a year ago. A friend of mine that I hadn’t been in touch with in about a year randomly Facebooked me last week. It just so happened that I was going to be back in town for work for a couple days as part of a trip to a few locales for work. We made some plans to catch up. Fast forward to today. I travel to my first destination (where she lives) for a layover (my plan was to return and see her this coming weekend before heading home). My plane is delayed about 2 hours. My airline offers me the chance to catch a different flight or take an upgrade to First Class on the later flight. I choose the earlier. The clerk asks me, “Window or aisle?” I reply, “Let the computer choose.” I am handed a ticket. Seat 27A.

In the waiting area, to my great surprise, I see my friend that I am supposed to be hanging out with on the weekend. The one that just Facebooked me last week. Random, right? We start talking and it turns out she is traveling to the same place as me. On the same flight. Her seat number is 27B. Her flight was delayed about 4 hours.

We have an amazing in-flight conversation. Life is good. Some people win the lottery. And some people are thrown on a plane next to each other.

Onto the movie. The Resurrection is an adaptation of the H.P Lovecraft novella, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. Having read the story, it is a loose interpretation, but still manages to catch a lot of what is good about Lovecraftian stories.

Chris Sarandon plays the typical Lovecraftian mad, crazy dude who throws caution to wind in order to advance his scientific experiments. You may know Chris from such films as Fright Night and The Princess Bride. Two of my absolute favorite movies of all time.

Sarandon’s wife is worried about him so she asks a private-eye to due a little spying on her husband. This is kinda funny because it plays out just like the old cheesy private-eye stories of a long, time ago. Ya know, damsel in distress meets cheesy detective who, after some prodding, takes the case.

Turns out, Sarandon was into some weird sh*t. He is trying to re-animate his long dead ancestor. This of course involves a lot of killing of things/people around time. Like I said, good Lovecraftian story. Recommended to fans of the writer’s work.

Anyway, back to normal tomorrow.

Rating: 7.5/10

Snore Factor: ZZ (It’ll keep you up)

IMDB 1992


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