Top 10 Horror Movies of 2001

Welcome to my countdown of the best horror films of each year (and decade). I am starting with 2009 and working my way back all the way until 1970 or so. If all pans out the way I imagine, I will post one or two top 10 horror movie lists per week until I run out of years. A bit daunting, sure, but it should be fun in addition to my?daily horror review.

You can find all of my top horror movie lists?here.

Time for a little love for the year that was 2001.

10. Joy Ride

How the hell this movie was good is completely beyond me. Paul Walker. Really? Steve Zahn? Really? Somehow it all works out and is a whole lot of fun. Note: Don’t mess with truckers.

9. From Hell

Well done retelling of the one of the original icons of fright, Mr. Jack Ripper. The ladies will love some Depp, the guys some Graham. Another win-win.

8. Dagon

Stuart Gordon does H.P. Lovecraft. That will never get old.

7. The Bunker

There is something very scary going bump in the night. Seven German soldiers about to find out what exactly it is. Subtle, claustrophobic, and unnerving as hell.

6. Thir13en Ghosts

Some of the best set design in horror which makes up for the lack of structure. Tons of hot babes and blood. Another fun, but stupid horror flick. This one is great to throw on in the background of a party.

5. She Creature

HBO nearly?commissioned?a whole slew of classic monster movies during the early 2000’s. She Creature was the first and sadly, only one that was made. This is the mermaid horror film that you have been looking for.

4. Ghosts of Mars

A lot of people don’t like this movie. It simply a crazy scary alien “turn off your brain” and enjoy the ride kinda flick. Don’t take it too seriously and you might find yourself enjoying it.

3. Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra

Not really horror, I know – but it celebrates bad drive-in movies of yesteryear in a way that I feel should be represented on this blog somewhere. The first time I watched this movie I hated it, but for some weird reason I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Then I watched it again and have been quoting it ever since. One of the best spoofs I’ve ever seen.

2. Jeepers Creepers

A sweet new horror icon was born. Too bad this franchise didn’t take flight (in a good way). Still, the original is full of terrifying moments and light-hearted laughter.

1. The Others

A supernatural thriller that focuses on character development and atmosphere to?ratchet?up the suspense. And Nicole Kidman gives one of her best performances.

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  • allison

    the others was so well done, almost reminisent of the innocents or other early film noir. I think a great one of 2001 was scrapbook. indepent and really creepy.
    Stupidest and most fucked up? visitor q.

  • Micah

    Good ole Takashi Miike, huh? Audition will definitely make my top film of ’99.

    ps…I’m impressed with your horror knowledge. I think like 8 people have seen Scrapbook.

  • allison

    Haha well thank you. Eric Stanze, who produced it, is an aquaintance of my so I was invited to a screening when I was like 18. Best rape movie out there.
    Its hard to argue that Audition isnt a great movie, from the horror of built up suspense to the man in the sack, its well done. but Takashi Mike is one fucked up guy whos overrated.
    I think youd like the asain movies Evil dead trap, Jigoku, or Hausu.

  • Micah

    Hausu is one of my faves (just recently saw it for the first time about 8 months ago).

  • Spooky Sean

    The Others is great, such a good, creepy child movie. Right up there with Joshua, and Let the Right One In, The Omen(original), and Orphan.
    Technically, you could add The Excorcist as a creepy child film as well.

  • Porthouse

    Can’t believe Session 9 was not included on this list. wow

  • Micah

    That’s because Session 9 is a turd. One of my least favorite horror flicks.

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