Top 10 Horror Movies of 2005

Welcome to my countdown of the best horror films of each year (and decade). I am starting with 2009 and working my way back all the way until 1970 or so. If all pans out the way I imagine, I will post one or two top 10 horror movie lists per week until I run out of years. A bit daunting, sure, but it should be fun in addition to my?daily horror review.

You can find all of my top horror movie lists?here.

*My rules for choosing the films are as follows: Personal preference, I must have viewed the film, U.S.?realese?date (where applicable) and the musings of random horror resources across the interwebs and beyond.

2005: It’s your turn.

Starting with a list of Not-Honorable Mentions: Amytiville “Excuse for Ryan Reynolds to be shirtless” Horror, White Noise, and a?colossal?waste of time and money that even Christina Ricci’s assests?couldn’t?overcome, Cursed.

10. ?Land of the Dead

Like a heavily armored firework launching car, the trio of George Romero, John Leguizamo, and Dennis Hopper cannot be stopped.

9. Evil Aliens

Dead Alive meets Evil Dead meets dry British humor. A win-win-win.

8. The Dark Hours

It’s the old “go to the cottage and bunch of crazy stuff happens” plotline, but it’s well done and very tense.

7. The Devil’s Rejects

I never have been one to drink the Rob Zombie Kool-aid, but of all his films I like this one the best. It’s got the look and feel of a ’70s piece of cinematic trash. In other words, a near perfect homage to brutality,?psychopaths, and Southern rock.

6. Boy Eats Girl

I watched this one on a lark because I like the name. Ended up being one of my favorite zombie flicks of the last few years. It may be an acquired taste, but if you are looking for something a little different from the usual zombie fair, you can’t go wrong.

5. Wolf Creek

This one made me get up, turn on some extra lights and check the deadbolts. The best part about the film, it doesn’t follow any of the normal horror movie conventions.

4. 2001 Maniacs

Tim Sullivan remakes Herschell Gordon Lewis’ cult film with lowbrow and disgusting results. It’s gross, disturbing, stupid, and racist – on purpose. Also features Kane Hodder and Robert Englund for those who love icons of the genre. Z-grade garbage at its best.

3. Santa’s Slay

The?opening scene from?Santa’s Slay should have won at least 14 Oscars. The whole thing is pure ridiculous.

2. The Ring Two

I may catch a little heat for this one, but I enjoy looking at Naomi Watts. And that little bitch Samara still haunts my nightmares.

1. Haute Tension (U.S. Release)

The French win again. One of the best films of the decade, hands down.

Looking for more opinions? Look no further. My friend over at Guts and Grog has his very own top of 2005 list.

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  • Tromeric

    Nice to see another list up sir. I think this one may be the closest as far as similarities go. Aside from number two, consider this your first bit of a Michel Mann movie(see what I did there?). It’s funny how some of our picks are on different years. I’m guessing it’s because you used American release date while I used production date. Oh well to each his own. I am enjoying the lists for sure man. looking forward to the next one.

  • The Fright Writer

    I really enjoyed 2001 Maniacs. Very silly movie that’s wholly enjoyable.

  • Micah

    @Eric – Yeah, I think I am going to switch it up for the remaining years and use the production date. It’s getting hard to keep it all straight.

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