File this British flick under bored rich people doing weird crap to entertain themselves. Part comedy, part horror and all crazy. I honestly don’t know what to think. There are probably a thousand movies I would choose to watch over Girly, but Netflix Instant is an alluring and suggestive temptress.

Girly, Mumsy, Nanny, and Sonny live together in a large estate. Girly and Sonny are the “kids”. Mumsy, the Mom. And Nanny is the nanny. Got it? Girly and Sonny are spoiled rich brats who have a penchant for playing games. Not normal games. No. They like to meet people, bring them back to the house, then kidnap and torture them. All the while Mumsy and Nanny look on and discuss approvingly. The kids also like to casually murder when their play “toys” don’t cooperate.

This is one seriously messed up film.

Both “kids” are in their early twenties, but dress like Catholic school children. Girly looks like a seductive little school girl slut, ya know, they kind guys want to hook up with. This works well as she lures in piles of hobos and random dudes into her web.? Girly chooses to sleep in a crib at night. She alternates from school girl, to sexpot, to psycho on whim. The other members of the house are just as crazy as Girly. My thought: These characters are Britain’s version of redneck cannibal families from American films. Instead of rednecks to fear, the Brits fear crazy rich people with a lot of time on their hands. As movies have taught us, nothing good can come from crazy rich people having a lot of time on their hands.

Eventually, one of the “friends” catches on to the mischief. He decides to startup a game of his own that involves plotting the eccentric family members against each other. This all leads to a rather nonsensical ending. Then again, one should expect a nonsensical ending in this silly black comedy.

It’s entertaining enough and Girly is easy on the eyes, but the film is just a bit too oddball and slapsticky for my tastes.

Oh Britain, I will never understand your since of humor.



Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1970


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