Top 10 Horror Movies of 2007

Welcome to my countdown of the best horror films of each year. I am starting with 2009 and working my way back all the way until 1970 or so. If it all pans out the way I imagine, I will post one or two top 10 horror movie lists per week until I run out of years. A bit daunting, sure, but it should be fun in addition to my?daily horror review.

You can find all of my top horror movie lists?here.

*My rules for choosing the films are as follows: Personal preference, I must have viewed the film, U.S. release date, and the musings of random horror resources across the interwebs and beyond.

The best of the best 2007 edition:

Honorable mentions: 30 Days of Night, The Cellar Door, Vacancy, and Severance.

10.?Behind the Mask: The Rise and Fall of Leslie Vernon

A horror tribute mockumentary made for and by horror fiends. It’s good.

9. Dead Silence

I debated a lot on whether to include this film or not, but what the heck. This is not a good film, but it’s so bad that it IS good. Also, killer wooden puppet.

8. 1408

John Cusak does an admiral Bruce Campbell imitation in carrying this near single actor movie. It’s also genuinely creepy and unnerving without relying on gore or torture.

7. The Host

A ’50s Sci-Fi movie as remade by South Koreans with awesome special effects. One of the best creature features of the decade.

6. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

This movie?should?have sucked harder than a hoover. It didn’t. Largely in part to Henry Rollins straight beastin’ it up for about an hour. It’s bloody, dirty, and sexy fun.

5. Fido

A comedic satire zombie film that is both heart-warming and disgusting at the same time. Need something different from the exhausted zombie genre? Look no further.

4. 28 Weeks Later

Contrary to what the poster says, it is not as good as the original. It is, however, juiced up and more explosive than the first. Which means it’s a worthy sequel.

3. Planet Terror

A loving tribute to gore house cinema, with plenty of boobs and blood to go around. Robert Rodriguez scores big again and manges to overshadow that other flick released at the same time.

2. The Mist

Frank Darabont’s direction and writing?turned?this film into one of the best Stephen King adaptations of all time. It’s haunting, moralistic, and packs a massive ending punch.

1. Hatchet

Easy pick, if you are a splatter horror comedy fan. This is “Old School. American. Horror.” at it’s finest.

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