The Video Dead

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Soccer matches out the way; it’s time to get a review up.

The Video Dead is an interesting piece of work from the 80s. If it wasn’t for the stilted dialogue and terrible performances it could have been quite memorable.

Zombies are ‘alive’ and well…in a TV set with magical properties. The magical television does exactly what magical televisions should do. It unleashes a bunch of hungry zombies into suburbia. The weird thing with these zombies is they have to be convinced they are dead in order to kill them. Talk about turning the zombie mythology on its head.

In my favorite scene, a sexy blonde in the TV comes through the TV, seduces a young boy, goes back into the TV, and gets her throat cut. The best part was I still have no idea what the hell was going on? What was she doing? Did she want some sex? Why go back? The director certainly didn’t know. And much like the kid in the film, I would wonder what the hell was in my weed after an experience like that.

The majority of the reason to watch this film is for the unintentional/intentional comedy. From the zombie bride with a chainsaw to the dude with an iron in is head; the movie contains copious amounts of zombified hilarity.

The special effects on the zombies are competent by 80s standards and probably the best part of the movie. Nothing else is very memorable, outside of the bad acting.

A great plot but overall poor execution from the filmmakers. I wouldn’t mind a nice remake of this, oh wait, The Ring.

Final verdict, good in stupid way.

Snore Factor: ZZZ

IMDB 1987

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