Evil Toons

May 10, 2010 4:58 pm 0 comments

Some movies use actors for the lead parts. Other movies use chicks with nice tatas. Evil Toons is the latter.

The film is presented without gravitas, but then again when you make a film that involves naked girls and cartoons I’m not sure how serious it could possibly be.?While the main “actors” are four girls with varying breast sizes, the supporting characters are both quite famous, Dick Miller (Twilight Zone: The Movie) and David Carradine (Kung Fu).

Carradine’s role has a sadly ironic tone. Early on in the film he hangs himself (just a regular hanging you sickos) in an attempt to keep the book of the dead from controlling him.

The film itself will always be compared to Roger Rabbit because well that’s what it is, a soft-core horror version of the famous film.

The girls show up to a creepy house with the goal of cleaning it over the weekend. They get naked within minutes. And boy, oh boy, the conservative girl is pretty damn hot when she finally looses the goods.

If you haven’t guessed, this film is a bit trashy. Fred Olen Ray wrote and directed this sleaze fest and keeps true to his tradition of producing important films like Genie in a String Bikini and Super Ninja Bikini Babes.

The demon cartoon is funny and like the tag-line says he wants to undress you and then possess you. He is the literal expression of a horny devil.

All in all it’s fun, trashy, and stupid at the same time. I hear that a 20th anniversary DVD release is out now and while I wouldn’t proudly display this film on my shelf, I wouldn’t mind having it.

Snore Factor ZZZ

IMDB 1992

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