Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman

A sequel, if you can call it that, to The Fury of the Wolfman stars Spanish horror God, Paul Naschy, once again playing his favorite role – a werewolf.

All I can really say is this film is slightly better than the previous one. That doesn’t say much since Fury neared the abominable level. This film claims to be the fifth in a series but no one actually knows for sure because nothing involving the films or those who produced them makes any sense.

Naschy is brought back to life after silver bullets are removed from his chest, this is, of course the way to bring a werewolf back to life as everyone knows. This needed to happen because he has to fight, as the title so audaciously suggests, a vampire woman.

Meanwhile, a couple college girls are doing research on a forgotten tomb believed to be the fortress of a vampire woman. They are bored and have nothing better to do so they go exploring with the intent of opening the grave/fortress.

I imagine you can see where this film is going which says a whole lot more than the previous film where it was near impossible to tell what was going on.

The college girls get caught up at the werewolf’s bed and breakfast on their way to the fortress. The werewolf of course, doesn’t mind a couple of coeds spending some time at his abode. I wouldn’t mind this either.

The two girls crash for a nice peaceful sleep, which is interrupted by a lesbian groping one of the girls. This is shrugged off as no big deal and the next morning the girls go off to open the tomb of the vampire woman with the help of the werewolf.

A fight eventually breaks out but you can’t tell what is happening because it is shot so poorly. You are led to believe the werewolf wins but no one really cares because the whole film is so underwhelming.

Snore Factor ZZZZ

IMDB 1971

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