The Fury of the Wolfman

I’m not sure what to think about this one. I watch a lot of bad horror and usually I can figure out what is going and more importantly, why it is happening. For the first time in quite a while I was quite confused. I am not sure there is a plot in this movie that can be followed through to a logical completion.

The following is my interpretation of what might of happened.

A man is bitten while traversing the Tibetan highlands and is transformed into a werewolf. The new werewolf has marital problems – his wife is a cheating slut. The wolf man’s real first name is Walderman (Paul Naschy). That is an odd name, but not the oddest in the film. There is a mad scientist woman whose name is – oh so conveniently – Doctor Wolfstein.

The wolf man goes on a little killing spree and he himself is eventually killed, sorta. He was only partially killed because everyone knows werewolves only die from silver bullets. Duh! The keen Doctor Wolfstein knew this and brings the wolf back to being a fully functional killing machine. She is also into mind control and begins to experiment on the poor tortured soul that is Walderman. From here I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening but I think the wolf wanted to break free from the reign of Wolfstein. Of course with a name like Wolfstein there is a good chance that she is hiding a terrible secret. You’ll just have to watch and decipher for yourself.

Oddly, when the wolf runs around he often changes clothes, becomes sad, or excited in the matter of seconds. He is running around frantically one second and then the very next scene walking casually.

I read somewhere that the director was drunk through most of the filming. That tidbit clears up an awful lot about the film. I also read the director allowed a 14 year old girl to write the dialogue. This also makes perfect sense as the whole film is one disjointed mess.

The film was written by the film’s star, Paul Naschy who is essentially the king of Spanish horror cinema. Since the original language of the film is Spanish you can watch this and tell people you are cultured and enjoy foreign films. Unfortunately, the version I watched was dubbed by someone who took approximately one semester of Spanish.

One of those films that the history surrounding it is more interesting than the actual film.

Snore Factor ZZZZ

IMDB 1961

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